Ciao. Stasera è una serata a tema!


(G’day. Tonight is Theme night!)

This years Wednesday theme night for 2021 is Italy

Think the Italian Riviera, the leaning tower of Pisa, the Colosseum or a walk through Saint Mark’s Square. Enjoy a strong coffee with biscotti or gelato in hand. Drive a Ferrari or Lamborghini into the dining room. Think delicious pasta, pizza or risotto for dinner.

Dress for the Venice Carnival or in a little Versace. Maybe as your favourite Italian twins Mario & Luigi or even the Pope. The whole family could join the mob for a night, or the Italian Mafia. The opportunities are endless!! 

Our dress up cupboard is stocked with a random assortment of items from previous years. Though if you really want to get into the theme we recommend bringing something of your own along.

We look forward to creating a night for you and your family to remember. Especially with international travel for the moment off the cards, why not escape to Italy for a night. 


Each year we pick a theme for our Theme Night. Every Wednesday night the staff transform the dining room into another world. They dress to character and co-ordinate that night’s dinner menu to suit.

It’s a wonderful night for all guests and members but especially the kids. You are encouraged to bring your own costumes or you are welcome to raid the lodge’s dress up cupboard during your stay.