Snowbird is a Club, and you can join.

Snowbird Lodge is a very special place to so many past and present members. It really is a home in the mountains for our members. Each year families return for a week, bringing friends or making them during their stay. Guests and members arrive as strangers and leave as friends. The majority of kids will band together through this time. Building fast friendships, playing hide and seek, heading out skiing together and even playing board games.

If you are interested in Membership, Snowbird Lodge is owned and controlled by a Unit Trust which has a sub-lease from Charlotte Pass Snow Resort. The lease to Charlotte Pass Snow Resort has recently been extended for the next 40 years.

Snowbird the club is managed by three directors and a committee of seven, these positions are elected each year at our Annual General Meeting.

There are 175 members of Snowbird in two classes of membership, “A” (75 memberships) and “B” (100 memberships).

All members pay an annual subscription, just like at a sports club, to help fund the basic operations of the Club. This entitles them to a priority booking period and lower accommodation rates. Aside from the financial benefits, to be a member at Snowbird is a very unique and cherished experience, one families continue for generations.

For more details of how membership works, please contact Cristy our Membership Registrar or have a read of our membership policies below.

Interested in becoming a member?

Membership Policies


  • Current membership values stand at:
  • $7,500 for A membership.
  • $2,500 for B membership.
  • Please be sure to double check this with our membership registrar Cristy before agreeing to purchase.
  • Please note: If a share is purchased prior to the end of the member’s priority booking period for the upcoming winter season, then the annual subscription fees are payable by the purchaser. If the sale is after this period and guest bookings have opened then the vendor(previous owner) remains responsible for the the annual subscription fee.


  • If a member is unable to use their financial membership over a year period, they have the option to nominate an alternate family to utilise this.  Please note: the nominated family must be of similar size and age composition as the member’s family.
  • During member priority booking period a first in first booked procedure is in place, with A class shares holding priority over B class’s.
  • Once the member priority booking period finishes, members no longer have priority over guests.


  • Payment of the annual subscription fee allows the member to book from January 1st to December 31st of that year. Failure to pay the annual fee will rescind all membership benefits and booking capabilities until the debt is paid. If this debt compounds over multiple year periods, membership benefits will not be returned til the debt is paid in full.
  • A ‘financial membership’ is one which has all annual subscription fees paid.
  • Membership benefits are exclusive to the member’s partner and children (no matter of age). It does not include children’s partners and their children.

The Committee


Tim Helman

Tim is responsible for making decisions regarding operations of the club. He does this together with the Committee.


Mick Hilder

Mick organises the annual general meeting along with the minutes and agenda.


Michael Hill

With many years of experience as an accountant, Michael takes care of our bookkeeping and finances.

Account Manager

Jason Woods

Jason issues invoices and makes sure we pay our own on time.

Membership Manager

Cristy Upenieks

Cristy is responsible for processing all membership transfers and purchases.

Additional Members

Stephen Maish

Guy Smith