Snowbird is a Club

Snowbird Lodge is owned and controlled by a Unit Trust which has a sub-lease from Charlotte Pass Village. The lease to Charlotte Pass Village has recently been extended for the next 40 years.

Snowbird is controlled by a committee that is elected each year at our Annual General Meeting.

There are 175 members of Snowbird in two classes of membership, “A” (75 memberships) and “B” (100 memberships).

All members pay an annual subscription, just like at a sports club, to help fund the basic operations of the Club.

Interested in becoming a member?

Send an email to Mick Hilder

The Committee


Tim Helman

Tim is responsible for making decisions regarding operations of the club. He does this together with the Committee.

Booking Officer

Ingrid Collman

Ingrid manages Snowbird on a daily basis. She runs all operations at the lodge in winter and manages bookings.


Michael Hill

With many years of experience as an accountant, Michael  takes care of our bookkeeping and finances.

Account Manager

Jason Woods

Jason issues all our invoices and makes sure we pay our own on time.

Membership Manager

Mick Hilder

Mick is responsible for connecting people who would like to buy a share in the lodge with members who would like to sell.